Les Francines

In the farm called Les Francines, of citrus fruits, at the moment the ecological part does not start it but if we can say that part of sustainability is a fact. We have installed solar panels that allow us to operate the installation of automatic irrigation as well as pumping the water from the well to a pool and from this one to our trees, without the need to use the electrical energy. Later on we will also make the changes to transform the citrus farm into ecological.

The Francines farm has the following varieties of citrus fruit:



This variety of orange originated in Japan as a mutation of Washington, spontaneously, the tree is medium-sized and open-growth, looks round and thick and the leaves are dark green (typical of Navelina).

The fruit generally of round shape of size very similar to Navelina, usually presents / displays a small external navel. The skin is easily separated from the pulp and is medium-sized, orange-intense, with a fine surface and a large amount of essential oil glands. Orange pulp has a pleasant taste, it is less acidic and has a higher quality juice, especially at the beginning of its maturity with optimal sugar levels.

Its collection goes from November to February depending on the weather.



The Clemenules is considered, for the vast majority, Mandarin “Queen” par excellence. Its sweet and pleasant taste and its extensive production have made it the most cultivated and widespread tangerine.

It originated in the town of Nules, Castellón, as a spontaneous mutation of the farm tree in 1953. The tree of the Clemenules is vigorous, large and very productive. Its growth is open, dense and flattened foliage.

The fruit is medium in size, smooth and fine skin and pale orange. It is peeled easily and has a lot of juice, as well as a high vitamin content.

Its harvesting begins in mid-November and can be extended until the end of January in favorable climatic conditions.