About us

2MASOS was born in December 2013 from the work of Salvador Poyo and M.Cinta Mèlich.

This project starts with the management of family farms, where you will find olive trees (GUARDAMAR farms) and citrus fruits, oranges and mandarins (LES FRANCINES farms) and aims to be ecological and sustainable at the same time.


2MASOS are physically two farms located in the municipal district of Cambrils (Baix Camp) and that correspond to two different rustic items, one in the game GUARDAMAR and the other in LES FRANCINES. (location).

Although the GUARDAMAR farm is the mother farm of the project for the production of VEGETABLE EXTRA OLIVE OIL 100% Arbequina, as the years have gone by (since 2013), to date the project is also ‘ It has been growing and it has been possible for the incorporation of 4 new olive groves, farms located in the municipalities of Cambrils and Vinyols i els Arcs.